Indeck Niles is a
next generation clean energy center.

It will generate 1,000 megawatts of energy, enough to power 635,000 homes and businesses through the use of clean natural gas and state-of-the-art technologies. It will be the most efficient energy center of its kind in Michigan, replacing older, dirtier and less efficient coal-fired plants.

It represents a significant investment in the City of Niles. It will take an unproductive site and turn it into an economic engine that will create jobs, spur economic development and generate revenue for the City of Niles, its residents and the local area.


Number of homes and businesses provided with power


Fewer emissions than traditional coal-fired plants

Frequently Asked Questions

The Indeck Niles Energy Center will be a next generation, state-of-the-art energy center fueled by clean natural gas. The facility will use combined-cycle technology to generate electricity. In a combined-cycle process, energy is produced through a gas turbine and the excess heat is recovered and converted to steam to produce additional electricity. Combined-cycle plants are highly efficient and emit significantly fewer emissions than coal-fired power plants.

Indeck Niles is being developed to fill the need for generating resources created by the decommissioning of dirtier and less-efficient coal-fired plants in the region. New, state-of-the-art technology also helps to decrease the burden outdated coal plants put on the energy grid.

Indeck Niles will be a 1,000 megawatt combined-cycle power plant. On average, that amount of generation is enough to power 635,000 homes and businesses.

The City of Niles provides Indeck Niles with a central access point to existing natural gas transmission lines and a distribution network throughout the Midwest. The location of the project within the Niles Industrial Park also enables us to minimize traffic congestion and environmental hazards associated with building in a city center. Most importantly, Indeck Niles is taking an unproductive site and turning it into an economic engine that will create jobs, spur economic development and generate revenues for the City of Niles, its residents, and the local area.

Over $1 billion is being invested to develop this project which represents a significant investment in the City of Niles and the local area. The Indeck Niles Energy Center will:

  • Spur economic growth and development
  • Create 500 high-paying union construction jobs
  • Create 21 full-time, highly skilled and high-paying technical jobs at the plant
  • Generate millions of dollars in tax revenue for the City of Niles and support critical infrastructure upgrades
  • Produce cleaner, more reliable and much-needed energy resources for the State of Michigan

State-of-the-art natural gas-powered facilities provide more reliable, affordable and cleaner solutions to support our energy needs than outdated coal plants. Facilities like the proposed Indeck Niles Energy Center produce 50%-90% fewer emissions than traditional coal-fired plants, helping us come closer to achieving pollution reduction goals set by the EPA.

Indeck Niles takes its responsibility to uphold all federal, state and local regulations seriously and intends to implement protocols to continually monitor and report on our efforts. Working with the appropriate agencies, including the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Indeck Niles will take every step to ensure that environmental impacts are moderated, all native wildlife and vegetation are protected and impacts to their habitats mitigated.

Construction commenced in August 2019 and the expected commercial operation date is March 2022.

When in full service, the
Indeck Niles Energy Center will operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

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